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Murder and Manslaughter

Murder is a horrible crime that occurs far too often all across the country, including the state of Kentucky. This type of crime is terrible because it is the destruction of a human life and because of the pain this crime causes family, friends, and other loved ones connected to the victim of the crime. Kentucky has very tough murder laws that have some of the steepest punishments available for those who break these laws. If you have been charged with this type of crime, you could end up spending the rest of your life behind bars.

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In the state of Kentucky, someone is said to have committed the act of murder if they intentionally caused the death of another person or a third person. It is not considered the crime of murder if the individual was under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance as long as the emotional disturbance had a reasonable explanation or excuse. The Kentucky penal code has a provision under murder for those who have operated a motor vehicle while manifesting extreme indifference to human life and acts in a manner that creates a grave risk of death to another human being and causes the death of another. Murder is a very serious crime and is considered to be a capital offense.

A person is considered to be guilty of manslaughter in the first degree (a slightly lesser charge) if that person, with the intent to cause serious physical injury to another person, causes the death of that person or another individual. A person could be charged with manslaughter in the first degree if that individual caused the death of another person while under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance. Manslaughter in the first degree is a Class B felony.

Second degree manslaughter is when a person wantonly causes the death of another person where the death was the result of the person’s motor vehicle, leaving a child under the age of eight years old unattended in a vehicle with extreme indifference to human life that creates a risk of death to the child and thereby causes the child’s death. This is a Class C felony.

You could also possibly be charged with reckless homicide. Reckless homicide occurs when a person causes the death of another person due to acting recklessly. This crime is a Class D felony.

As stated earlier, these crimes are very serious and are some of the worst that are committed against another human being. Murder is a capital offense, which has the most severe penalty of any crime in the penal code. If you are charged with murder, you could get the death penalty, in which you would pay for your crime with your life. If you are not given the death penalty, chances are you will spend the rest of your natural life in prison. A Class B felony for first degree manslaughter could see you behind bars for a sentence of 10 to 20 years. Second degree manslaughter is a Class C felony, which is a prison term of 5 to 10 years behind bars, while a Class D felony could get you a maximum of 5 years in prison.

The seriousness of these charges cannot be stressed enough, so be sure to get a lawyer who can help you create a solid defense and can help you to get a fair trial. There are a few different techniques an attorney might use for your defense. One is to say that you were attacked first and were defending yourself from your attacker. Your attorney might also look into how the police conducted your interrogation to see if they violated your Constitutional rights.