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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime all across the country, and Kentucky has taken a number of steps to ensure that they get this type of problem under control as much as possible.

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There are protective provisions for individuals in domestic relationships scattered throughout the penal code in Kentucky, and there are also a few statutes that relate directly to the crime itself. You can find some of these provisions under the assault section of the penal code as well as under statutes dealing with rape, sexual abuse, and manslaughter.

One of the provisions contained in the Kentucky penal code that offers protection from domestic violence is assault in the first degree. A person is guilty of this crime when they cause physical injury to another human being by using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. It crosses the line into domestic violence when there is a domestic partnership or relationship between the two individuals involved in the incident.

An individual could also be charged with assault in the first degree if the individual demonstrates indifference for the value of human life and commits risky acts that put the other person in danger of being seriously hurt or dead. This is a serious crime and is considered to be a Class B felony offense.

Another provision made to protect people from domestic violence is the criminal penalty for violation of a protective order. A person is considered by Kentucky penal code to be guilty of this crime if they violate a protective order intentionally that the individual has been served with or received notice of. This is a Class A misdemeanor.

Kentucky also has a law known as the assault of a family member or member of an unmarried couple. If an individual is found guilty of three of these assault charges in a three year period and the incident involves a family member, the assault charge could result in a Class D felony.

According to Kentucky law, a family member or member of an unmarried couple can file a petition for a protective order to escape domestic violence as a means of protection against being a victim of further abuse. Those who violate these orders face stiff penalties as demonstrated above.

Sexual abuse in the first degree can also be applied to domestic violence cases also. Sexual abuse in the first degree occurs when one family member or member of an unmarried couple subjects another person to sexual contact by forcible compulsion. This is a Class D felony in Kentucky.

A Class D felony is the lowest felony in Kentucky that you can be charged with. If you are convicted of a Class D felony, you could end up serving 5 years in prison. A Class B felony carries a heavy sentence of anywhere between 10 to 20 years behind bars. A Class A misdemeanor carries a sentence of a year in prison and a $500 fine.

If you are facing criminal charges that deal with domestic abuse, you need the help and representation of a defense attorney who works specifically with these types of cases.

Once you have found adequate representation, your lawyer will need you to give all of the information you have in order to put together a defense for your case.

Your attorney might be able to get you a reduced sentence on reduced charges if you agree to make a guilty plea. You might be able to lessen your sentence by volunteering for anger management classes or by meeting other conditions that the prosecution and defense attorney have come to an agreement on.

Your attorney can help educate you about the best move to make regarding your trial to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.